If you have a situation that you feel is URGENT (where a canadian federal inmate that you know has related to you that they are being subjected to incidents which are CRUEL and UNUSUAL or INHUMANE or DEGRADING), incidents which may appear to be a clear violation of International Law, namely BREACHES to articles 3 and 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and where corrections officials don't appear to want to investigate or even admit may actually be existing or taking place (which is most obvious by relentless denial of / and repeated justification by corrections officials of said ongoing actions towards an inmate or prisoner and even their family), which situation may eventually turn into a situation of REPRISAL towards said prisoner, simply because you or they have chosen to reach out to the community for help, then please feel free to exercise your right as a HUMAN BEING and submit a Formal Complaint to the appropriate OFFICIALS of: 

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights at the UNITED NATIONS in Geneva, Switzerland at :

The Petitions Team
High Commissioner for Human Rights 
United Nations Office
1211 Geneva 10, Geneva, Switzerland

nb.  (these are direct numbers from anywhere in Canada)

(Urgent Matters) Fax : 011-41-22-917-9022
                       Tel  : 011-41-22-917-9000 

or email your DRAFTED complaint form directly to the United Nations:   tb-petitions@ohchr.org

(Note: by clicking on the FACT SHEET INFORMATION link, you can acquire an enormous amount of resources from the Petitions Team Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, this as to HOW TO FILE A COMPLAINT AND WHAT INFO TO INCLUDE ACCORDINGLY.

NOTICE:  Remaining SILENT is allowing yoursef to  become part of the problem, ...... ALLOWING IT TO GROW LIKE A INCURABLE CANCER.

Remember, if enough people exercise their right to file a complaint to the United Nations (and not ignore what's going on), this may alert the United Nations of the possibility of the in-effectiveness of the Office of the Correctional Investigator of Canada (with respect to thoroughly investigating and properly recording incidents regarding correctional officers actions or in-actions etc... towards another human being), which could result in a wide scale investigation / inquiry by the United Nations into the present state of Corrections in Canada, which is something that many people feel is desperately needed... and not rapidly coming ... mainly as such a task might EMBARRASS the Canadian Government as a whole! 
God Forbid!

As Proud Canadians, we all know what is RIGHT and what is WRONG

PLEASE, do what you can to help RESTORE OUR DIGNITY as well as the IMAGE and CREDIBILITY of our great nation - CANADA - world wide!
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How a society treats its most vulnerable – whether children, the infirm, the elderly or those being detained / imprisoned  – ... is always the measure of its humanity.

When a Nation begins to disregard the vulnerable and their rights, National instability & Human Rights conflicts will only grow.

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Is Canada a true leader in Human Rights ?  . . . see the prisoner stories link below !!!
This page was last updated on November 2, 2021
Welcome to the Canadian Federal Prisoners' and their Families' Web Site. 

This is a Canadian based Web Site dedicated to assisting Canadian Federal Prisoners'/ Inmates and their Families' / loved one's.   The obvious first question is :  Are all Canadian Prisoners' or Inmates' dangerous and bad people ?   

Answer : Certainly not, simply because all types of people can get in trouble with the law.    In fact, now-a-days it's not impossible nor unheard of to see/hear (on the TV, over the radio, in the newspaper, or any other form of media) about a PriestJudgeLawyerPolice OfficerDoctor or even a Politician, who may have been charged with and thereafter found guilty of having committed a criminal offence.   In the end, one thing is for sure . . . although we may come from many different backgrounds, we are all simple human beings who are not perfect and who may make mistakes.

Sometimes such a reality hits all too close to home and because of this, we suddenly end up becoming extremely compassionate with respect to a very difficult situation wherein we are forced to learn (experience) what not too many people know about the Canadian Criminal Justice System and some of it's different branches (eg: Correctional Service of Canada, National Parole Board of Canada, Correctional Investigator Canada, etc...).

It might be safe to assume that ;  almost all of us have (at one point in time in our life) broken one rule or another; but perhaps we just never got caught or maybe the rule(s) we broke may not have been classified as a criminal act [CRIME  =  specific article(s) outlined in the Criminal Code of Canada].   

Let's face it, although understandably we should all strive very hard to be at our best at all times and conduct ourselves as respectful, law abiding and productive citizens; . . . have you ever thought about what could happen to you if one day you made a bad decision, one which you truly regretted afterwards but nonetheless, one which ended with your being charged with a criminal act, thereafter found guilty of having committed a crime, one for which you might receive a jail / prison sentence of two (2) years or more (to be served under the jurisdiction of the Correctional Service of Canada) ?

Do you think it possible, that in such a predicament, you might be subjected to many different situations where your personal dignity would be tested or attacked or even destroyed?  Do you think it possible that you could ever be treated in a cruel & unusual or  inhumane manner ?    How would you feel if this happened to you?  Would you simply brush it off with ease ?  How would your family react?  Would they accept it?   Could they accept it?

This is (in part) the reason for this WEB SITE, which we will discuss further on as described by the "our purpose " page. In general though, certain individuals in society, especially Canadian Federal Prisoners' / Inmates' (residents of Canadian Federal Institutions, Penitentiaries or simply an inmate out on parole, statutory release or any other form of release) have a great deal of difficulty contacting appropriate resources to expose what at times may turn out to be incredibly horrific stories of disbelief relating to their Federal Prison Term.   Then, usually as a last resort, when their family members get involved (this because they too, simply cannot believe how the  system is managing the sentences of their loved one's ... it usually ends up costing them a fortune in long distance charges, as they are often stonewalled by bureaucrats in their attempts to get logical / truthful and sensical answers from the government ! !   Their initiatives to seek the simple truth ends up burdening them and their families enormously.


In actively assisting Canadian Federal Inmates' and their Families and /or Loved One's ;  this WEB SITE  will :

1.openly expose to the world the ongoing (perhaps secretive) ways in which a Canadian federal prisoner/inmate, may be discouraged /obstructed from rehabilitating themself, this by the very individuals who are legally responsible to assist and encourage all inmates' to rehabilitate themselves / change the patterns which brought them to act out in a criminal manner, (commit criminal acts) namely to actively assist the inmate to become and reintegrate society as a law abiding citizen [SEE: section(s) 3-b and 5-b of the Corrections and Conditional  Release Act, 1992 - C-44.6 / C.C.R.A. -THE ACT] and also [section 3-c of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act Regulations / C.C.R.A. THE REGULATIONS] . 

2.educate as many people as possible about actual (past, present, and ongoing where appropriate) situations regarding corrections in Canada and how the Canadian Federal Statute known as the Corrections and Conditional Release Act [C.C.R.A.](Canadian Federal Law) is interpretedrespected by, and applied "by individuals receiving financial gain (paychecks) as employees of the Canadian Government", who work within the system under a multitude of different titles, which names seem to change from time to time, but never for the purpose to confuse people regarding who may be responsible for what; as this would be childish. 

3.provide a "guestbook" (located at the bottom of this page) and 
"chatroom" page where people will be able to exchange valuable ideas / information (email addresses, etc...) and generally provide support to each other in difficult situations ; 

4.provide an "inmate right's" page, which will eventually include everything from How to contact your local M.P. [Federal Member of Parliament], (as well as the direct Telephone number and Contact information to the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada);  - to countless (crucial) other information on how to ensure an inmates' rights are respected in different situations (while in the system).    We will also list direct email and telephone numbers of many Canadian Activists / Media Individuals (who are knowledgeable in setting up and carrying out well structured PRESS CONFERENCES) if and when needed.

5.provide a "friendly links" page where numerous links will be listed to sites which are Inmate / Prisoner friendly (sites which are deemed essential to and for Prisoners' / Inmates' Right's) as well as a section providing numerous links to sites run by individuals who are extremely experienced in the preservation of International Human Right's Issues.

6.provide a "other links" page where numerous different other links (governmental, independent agencies or otherwise ) will be listed which may appear to be related to the Canadian Criminal Justice System in some way .
These organizations (or others) might have other priorities than inmate 
right's or simply are not structured to support these types of interests.

7.provide a "prisoner  stories" page where you can read about situations and events which relate to corrections in Canada, which readings you might not find publicized  to any great extent by Corrections Canada or the Canadian Government in general.  eg:  CANADIAN  FEDERAL  PRISON SERVICE  operates without concern for the rule of law " human  rights  report declares".

8.provide a "contact us" and "support us" page should you have a problem or simply want to support this web site .

9.allow all Canadians (as well as the whole world for that matter) to participate actively in the corrections process in Canada, while at the same time allowing them to become familar with the reference document / international policy on treatment of prisoners entitled : "United Nations  Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners ".  Here is another version as the UNHCR site appears to be down at times... UNSMRTP.
all requests for assistance or reports of problems with the functioning of 

any aspect of this site should be sent to the author of this website this by 

clicking on the logo to the right . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
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