This Group's goal is to protect the rights of the incarcerated, whether these rights be of a physical, intellectual, moral, religious, judicial, economical or political nature.   
They are situated at 275, rue du Parvis, bureau 510, Québec (Québec) G1K 6G7 and accept calls from any inmate residing in any Quebec provincial detention centers. 
Canadian  Federal  Inmates' and their Families'
                     WEB   SITE
canadian federal inmates and their families web site
Prison Pen Pals Network 
Why not become a pen-pal of a Canadian Federal Prisoner.   All Canadian inmates could use a little support and encouragement in their rehabilitation process .  For a limited time only, if you know a federal inmate, click here and (if you are lucky) get a free ad placed for him / her ! !
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Welcome to the Canadian Federal Inmates' Friendly Links page

Here you will find numerous links to organizations or individual web pages, web sites; which are inmate friendly; meaning that they have no commercial or financial gain expected as the result of incarceration or corrections in Canada (or anywhere else for that matter !)
Here are the LINKS check them out ! ! ! !

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Journal of Prisoners on Prisons (JPP)
This is a prisoner written, academically oriented journal based on the tradition of the Penal Press.  The purpose of this journal is "to bring the knowledge and experience of the incarcerated to bear upon more academic arguments and concerns and to inform public discourse about the current state of our carceral institutions."
To get this page up and running, we only put a few links. If you know of any other one's, please send us an email listing their url's (+ a short description if possible).
NOTICE :  All the above links are classified as friendly links  
If you have reason to believe that any of these groups may have acted in a manner contrary to the preservation and respect of prisoner rights', please email the author of this page and corrective action will be taken !
QUESTION :   Would you lock up this butterfly . . . .  if someone offered you money to do so ?   

If you answered YES, you may possibly have a career with Corrections Canada ? . . . who knows ?
Are you going to visit an inmate today?

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The John Howard Society of Canada
The John Howard Society fills an important role in public education, community service and in pressing for reform in the criminal justice area. Currently there are branches and offices in over 60 communities across Canada, provincial offices in all 10 provinces and the Northwest Territories and a national office in Kingston.