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Welcome to the Canadian Federal Inmates' Other Links page.

Here you will find listed, numerous links to Organizations / Federal Agencies which interact in one way or another with corrections in Canada. 

You may notice that these links are not in our "friendly links" section.  
The author felt that it might appear as a conflict of interest to have placed these links on our "Friendly Links" page !   
If you decide to visit any of the links below, we strongly suggest that you first visit the link at the end of each paragraph, simply to enable yourself a chance to review the exact Law which mandates these agencies to carry out administrative actions on behalf of the Canadian Federal Government (which actions affect Canadian citizens on a daily basis)

While you are there, ask yourself if what you are reading represents the true actions of each agency and to what extent (if any) the agency appears to be fulfilling it's lawful mandate.   Educate yourself to better understand why these federal agencies were created in the first place.  Then you can decide  whether or not they are (in your opinion) achieving their Lawful purpose or whether there may be an unwritten, secretive purpose for their existence ! 

In the end, it might be worth visiting them just to get an idea of what these agencies are supposed to be doing for Canadians citizens (according to their Lawful mandate)  ! ! ! !

Remember :  On this Site . . .
"We . . . (the PEOPLE), decide" ! ! !
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Correctional Services of Canada (C.S.C.)
Well, well well; you won't find any reports here regarding the Honorable Justice Louise Arbour's findings, namely : "CSC's lack of committment to the ideals of justice and how these deficiencies are detrimental to Canadian prisoners' in every respect, including in undermining their rehabilitative prospects".    
Check out section(s) 3b and 5b of the Corrections & Conditional Release Act/ CCRA. 

p.s.  On April 26, 2000, I sent an email  to the National Head Quarters of the Correctional Service of Canada in Ottawa, Canada - asking them to link to my site (at this time, I did not specify the url of my site !)   On April 27, 2000, Brian Acres (Webmaster for Corrections Canada) responded to my email (confirming CSC had received it), asking me to specify the URL of my site . I then sent him the url and on May 30, 2000 I received his response :  (below)

From:"Acres Brian (NHQ-AC)" <AcresBG@CSC-SCC.GC.CA>
To:  'Jean Jacques Ranger' <>
RE:   I have linked your site to my web site
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 09:56:40 -0400

Mr. Ranger

After a close review of your site it was found that :

That site has already a link to ours, which is fine. But would not link CSC's Web site to   The negative comments are not proven and false in most cases.  
To create a link to the site would not be perceived as openness from our part, but would only be a recognition of a general bad behaviour in our actions, which does not reflect the reality.   Our Mission aims at compassion and care.    It is possible that we make mistakes, but our objectives are honest.


I wasn't surprised with the response !   REMEBER: Corrections Canada doesn't usually write things (or support anything) which could (would) jeopardize their image or credibility !

. . . after reading the above response . . .  go to the prisoner stories page and see for yourself how CSC (correctional services canada) displays compassion and care for people ; and then you can have your own opinon as to whether the comments on this site might be negative, unproven or even false.  This is the thing with them:  they appear to be "reality blinded" by POWER.  Hey, I might be too if I had so much resources at my fingertips ;  who knows ?  
Remember one thing . . . the Canadian Federal Government spent a small fortune in 1995 when they ordered an Inquiry into the P4W Events.
The results of the Inquiry were so bad that the Head of the Correctional Service of Canada (Commissioner) RESIGNED.   (read about it HERE) !

Another thing . . . even if there was the slightest possibility that what Mr. Acres is implying might be in tune with reality, (that the comments on this web site are negative, false and unproven), . . . then that might appear to suggest that The findings of the  Honorable Justice Louise Arbour (( who in 1995 was appointed  by  the Solicitor General Of Canada  to  conduct  an  official inquiry into certain events at the [P] prison [4] for [W] Women in Kingston, Ontario; then from Oct. 1996 until -Sept. 1999 was Appointed by the United Nations Security Council as Chief Prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and for Rwanda; then  15th of September 1999 was Appointed as a Judge to the Supreme Court of Canada,)) might not be REAL either !   and whats even more astonishing is that the very real resignation (following the release of Judge Arbour's Report) of the HEAD of the CORRECTIONAL SERVICE OF CANADA (n.b. Canada has only one Federal Correctional System where most people go who have been convicted and sentenced to a term of 2 years and over) could not have happened!   T'was only a dream in the minds of the entire world ! 

The Honorable Justice Arbour's integrity is unquestionable and everyone in Canada (not to mention all over the world) knows that !   The work this woman did on the P4W commission (as Commissioner) may have unknowingly assisted thousands of Canadian Federal Inmates' and their Family members'; this to be believed just a little bit more as they speak out about injustices in the canadian federal prison service (better know as the : Correctional Service of Canada).    God Bless this wonderfully strong woman.

National Parole Board of Canada (N.P.B.)
this is the sister agency of the CSC with respect to corrections in Canada ! 
If you are able to attend enough parole hearings (as an observer) you may begin to see a pattern which appears to portray a "theatrical event", rather than a place where the NPB demonstrates it's ability (or inability) to: as per section 101 of the CCRA: "...make the least restrictive decision consistent with the protection of society "(to grant or refuse parole to a Canadian Inmate).
Check out section 100 of the CCRA !

Office Of the Correctional Investigator Canada / (C.I.C.)
this is by far (although completely unknown to most people ) THE  MOST  IMPORTANT of a solid link of federal organizations who spend ??????'s of Canadian taxpayer dollars yearly to control (manage) otherwise explosive situations (P4W Incident and many others that were never leaked to the media, which at the time FORCED some federal agencies (???) to throw together some HASTY and RAPID written paragraphs - which were supposed to appear as a report, because otherwise it would have been outrightly clear that this was just nothing new to them !!!)  within the correctional system in Canada.   Find out just how far the government has gone to keep everything under control; read section 188 of the CCRA

"Protection of Correctional Investigator !"
Section 188. of the C.C.R.A. (Corrections and Conditional Release Act)
No criminal or civil proceedings lie against the Correctional Investigator,
or against any person acting on behalf or under the direction of the
Correctional Investigator, for anything done, reported or said in good faith in the course of the exercise or performance or purported exercise or performance of any function, power or duty of the Correctional Investigator. 
imagine . . . . . . . . .  a carte blanche . / . a blank cheque . . .
Even the POLICE  in Canada do not have this kind of IMMUNITY !!!
[No criminal or civil proceedings lie against the Correctional Investigator .?.]

Could it be true that Canadian Federal Inmates' have been complaining for years that this office spends most of it's time covering up and watering down things which go on in the system ?, and what would you do if you had this same kind of protection ?   Imagine, correctional service of canada staff  openly advise and assist inmates to contact the Office of the Correctional Investigator to report things (incidents in the system) !     Why don't they advise and assist Canadian inmates to contact canadian journalists ?   Could they know that if the incidents are related to the Office of the Correctional Investigator, the process begins whereby experience is put into to play which ensures that no big scandal occurs?  Could they know that if (on the other hand) a journalist was contacted; that all h_ll might break loose, and a scandal might occur as society began to learn more about the everyday operations of Canadian Federal Correctional facilities and how they are run (more importantly . . . . . . . . . . . how our FUTURE CITIZENS are being prepared to re-enter society ? )

REMEMBER . . . these future citizens (who are inmates today) will be a product of the way in which the Federal Correctional Service administers their sentence ! ! !
they will ACT towards society the way they were SHOWN by the EXAMPLES they had during their incarceration !

Section 219.(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada :

219. (1) Every one is criminally negligent who

(a) in doing anything, or
(b) in omitting to do anything that it is his duty to do, shows wanton or reckless disregard
    for the lives or safety of other persons.

Definition of "duty"
(2) For the purposes of this section, "duty" means a duty imposed by law.

This is confusing !   Does section 188 of the CCRA actually shield anyone who is working for the Office of the Correctional Investigator from any possible prosecution under section 219 of the Criminal Code of Canada (in the event someone (??) may have omitted to do anything that it was his duty to do, which showed wanton or reckless disregard for the life or safety of any Canadian inmate who is under the jurisdiction of the Correctional Service of Canada?), and if this was possible? ;  could they EVER refrain from doing anything which any ordinary citizen might do as a normal reaction to preserve the life or safety of any inmate . . .  and never fear any criminal or civil prosecution of any kind !

How very sad, horrendous and unbelievable the picture is when the people who know the system the best  (and who could actually use their experience and knowledge to expose to the public the reality of the situation, this to force change);  have absolutely no obligations whatsoever to do so as they appear to be UNTOUCHABLE ; lawfully shielded from any kind of Criminal or Civil prosecution !!!  

Who in Canada or even the world, has the right to grant such IMMUNITY ?



Imagine, even the POLICE don't have this kind of IMMUNITY and they deal with all kinds of situations (involving property, other things and sometimes the safety of people);  but the Correctional Investigator's Office deals only with the aspect of Corrections in Canada, which concerns mostly the daily safety of HUMAN BEINGS as well as other issues regarding the Canadian Federal Penal System.   How can they be granted this kind of protection when they deal with the LIVES OF  HUMAN  BEINGS ! ! !   We, (all canadians) should hang our faces in SHAME !!!   We are all responsible for this, each and every one of us.   For this reason alone we need to become more and more involved in all facets of corrections in "CANADA".

QUESTION:    Who is responsible for this and just how long did they expect to get away with it ???
ANSWER:        All of us are, for as long as WE  REMAIN  SILENT  ! ! !  
Check out section 187 of the CCRA !   It would appear that they may even be UNTOUCHABLE . . . from any court at all, this for anything said or done !

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPCC)
this is one of the most important departments within the entire Canadian Government!   This federal agency (due in part to The Privacy Act of Canada, which empowers this office to decide with respect to an individuals right to access personal information about him/herself, held by any federal Agency) creates reasons (beautiful professional letters) why a Canadian Federal Agency is justified/ unjustified in acting in a manner which may have denied an individual his/her right to gain access to his/her personal information (or having carried out other acts which the individual alleges violated their rights as per the Privacy Act of Canada.)    And when (and if) the Privacy Commissioner finds that a federal agency has violated Federal Law . . . absolutely nothing is done to anyone who willfully or otherwise took the conscientious decision to ignore and disobey the Law.   Imagine . . . what kind of a phony government do we have anyway. 
Check out section 29 of the Privacy Act of Canada

Check out these interesting stories below ...................... 
How can one white out the "White Out"?
"I'm still here".

Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada
another federal government department dealing also with the control of Federal Information !   This department specializes in documented information other than personal information .
Check out section 30 of the Access to Information Act .

Canadian Human Rights Commission (C.H.R.C.)
this federal department is responsible for investigating and producing written reports/ recommendations to the CHR Tribunal on human rights violations, which reports recommend the rejection or acceptance of  a complaint under the Canadian Human Rights Act !    The CHRC  more or less controls who is protected under this act and  who isn't !   Regardless of the PROOF that a Canadian Federal Prisoner may have to show that they have been outrightly discriminated against, this federal agency has overstepped their authority in the past and written innacurate reports which portray a completely different set of events than that which the inmate may have originally complained about !  This is a typical (Governmental) administrative action which lawfully absolves the CHR Tribunal from any wrongdoing, once they use the innacurate info to dismiss a given complaint !!!     More and more Canadians need to learn about Judicial Review , this so that they could file such an application to the Federal Court of Canada, this if ever any Federal board or commission took a decision which affected them directly;  both CSC or NPB : Learn your rights !

Check out section(s) 5 to 14  of the Canadian Human Rights Act