Imagine, leisurely going shopping to your local WalMart Canada Store and being a witness to a WalMart Canada Employee punching a woman 2 times (who I later learned was 26 weeks pregnant at the time) in the face !   If that wouldn't be enough of a shock, then when you take the time to remain on scene to attempt to give a statement to the Police about what you saw this WalMart Employee do, then you yourself are falsely arrested and jailed, for a crime that never                        even happened (Armed Robbery???).  Okay so now                                                      the Police falsely arrested you!  If that would                                                     not be enough of a shock, then after you decide                                                   to call a High Profile, very well known  Canadian                                               Constitutional Lawyer (Mr. Julius H. Grey of                                                       Montreal, Quebec), this in an attempt to                                                                      (a) better understand what in the world is                                                                 going on, as well as    (B) try to seek justice                                                       for the wrongdoing that you were subjected to; ...                               then you learn that an incredibly wild story has been made                                 up to try to justify the actions of both, the WalMart security guard                as well as the Montreal Police Department.  

Upon entering this page, you will hear an audio recording start to play (which if you listen carefully enough, may appear to be an altered / modified version) of the hearing held at the Montreal Municipal Court [Case # 103-094-090] on December 8th 2004, wherein I was  DECLARED GUILTY  of  having (CHARGE #1) "conspired to" and (CHARGE #2) "shoplifted", this on March 14th 2003, at the WalMart Canada Decarie store (located at 5400 Jean Talon W., Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H4P 2T5, Phone: 514-735-5295, Fax: 514-735-4310), with a woman who I had never met before in my life, Marie Claude Perreault, who only 3 weeks before (Febraury 20th 2003) had herself been arrested at "LA BAIE" in Laval Quebec, this for (yep -you guessed it) shoplifting. [Case # 0080268321 at the Laval, Quebec, Canada Municipal Court - Telephone: 450-662-4466] )

As much as the audio of this incident is appearing to be altered in a very conveniently lawless and desperate manner (latest portion is the hearing of the woman shoplifter dated December 8th 2004 at 10hr27 - Montreal Municipal Court case # 103-109-328, which newer version gives the legal aid lawyer a much more prominent role, as well as adding a cough from the prosecutor, making a clearly obvious change in his voice seem justifiable / normal) ... the VIDEO of the woman shoplifting (described hereafter as "A3") cannot be altered, this as video doesn't lie!    This is the same video which was submitted as "exhibit 3 at my hearing (the hearing playing as you enter the site).   THE  VIDEO  CLEARLY  SHOWS THE WOMAN SHOPLIFTER MEET WITH 5 ACCOMPLICES AS SHE ENTERS THE  AISLE  WHERE  SHE  SHOPLIFTS  $850.00  OF  RAZORS, AND  ALSO  SHOWS  ANOTHER  3-4  PEOPLE  WHO  THEREAFTER ALSO  PRESENT  THEMSELVES  IN  THIS  AISLE,  FOR  THE  PURPOSE OF  ILLEGALLY  ASSISTING  THIS  WOMAN  WHILE  SHE  STEALS  A TON  OF  RAZORS  FROM  THIS  WALMART  CANADA  STORE.

The Unbelievable Story

I unknowingly became involved in this situation, simply because I was a concerned and caring citizen, who couldn't ignore the shock of having witnessed a lone woman being punched 2 times in the face by a Wal-Mart Canada employee, this at the above mentioned Wal-Mart Decarie Store.  The absolutely most repugnant thing about all of this is that, even though there were other customers who witnessed this reprehensible act, one who even made a written declaration to the Police, Wal-Mart Canada has issued a written statement completely denying that this ever happened.

Innocently Went Shopping at WalMart
On March 14th 2003 around 7:30PM, I was eating supper at the Peel Pub on Upper Lachine road (where I also enjoyed a small pitcher of beer) and decided to go to WalMart, this in the hopes of seeing something that I may need, which after having a few beers, I felt I could afford regardless of my financial situation.   I drove to Walmart in my 1989 grey colored Dodge Caravan and parked my car in the second row from the main entrance right in front of the store.  Once I had exited my vehicle, I walked into WalMart by the automatic door to the extreme left and didn't encounter or speak to anyone from the time I left my truck, until about 20 minutes or so after I had entered WalMart, eventually speaking to a woman in the store, who I thought was in some kind of danger.

Noticed a Strange Man Acting Very Suspicious
While shopping and more importantly while heading down the (my) far left main alley, going towards the front of the store, I noticed a man (husky build, very dark skinned, bald headed with big black circles around both eyes) who had what I can best describe as a wild look of anticipation on his face and appeared to be positioned /hiding behind a women's clothing rack, ducking sporadically / impulsively behind this rack, while staring in a specific direction (towards the front of the store).  There was no doubt in my mind that what this man was doing was extremely suspicious and in fact, attracted my full attention, this due in part to recent worldly events (the United States of America had been bombing Afghanistan for close to 2 years, and all we were hearing on the news was to be careful regarding possible terrorist attacks in Canada as well as the United States).  I then decided to pass this man a second time, which I did, just to get a second opinion at the situation.   Once I had done this, and in an instant, many possible scenarios flashed through my mind causing me to become seriously concerned and apprehensive, this regarding the erratic actions that this man was demonstrating.  Being a generally concerned person, I made a split second decision to nonchalantly push my cart over in the direction where this man appeared to be putting his attention, expecting at best to better understand this situation, which in a small but significant way although I was kinda hoping would turn out to be something completely innocent, I knew there may very well be something sinister brewing.  

Warned a Woman Shopper to be Careful
Within a minute or so I arrived in the general area where this man appeared to be putting his attention and the only person I saw there was a woman wearing a blue winter coat, pushing a shopping cart.   I took a good look around to be sure she was the only one in this area and then approached her to ask her if she knew anyone who might be following her as I thought maybe she wasn't alone in the store.   She responded by saying that she was alone.   I then asked her if she may have just broken up with her boyfriend or husband, adding that I thought someone may be stalking her in the store, to which she laughed at, making me feel a bit uncomfortable.   I then told her that I thought I had saw someone following her in the store and that if I was her I would be careful.  I then suggested that maybe she had accidentally dropped something in her purse or something like that and that maybe it was the store security that was following her, to which she seemed to get irritated about, telling me that NO, she hadn't stolen anything.  Lastly, I asked her if she wanted me to call Walmart security, to which she said that NO, this was not necessary.   I now felt a bit embarrassed and decided that I should go my own way.   I parted from  her at this time, knowing that I did what a conscientious person would have done, namely to warn her that a strange man may be following her, that she should be careful.

Woman Being Beaten Outside WalMart
I continued shopping for another 20-25 minutes and around 8:40pm and I still hadn't seen anything appealing so I decided to leave, this without having bought anything.  On my way out, and since I was at a Pub prior to arriving at Walmart, I had a huge urge to pee, so I went into the washroom, which was past the cashes and did my thing.   As I headed out the store, after the first set of doors opened, I was approaching the second set of doors, which also started to open, when I looked straight ahead and noticed a man with a bald head (the same man who I had noticed acting very suspicious in the store), and a heavy set girl wearing a blue winter jacket (the same girl who I warned in the store about what I perceived as a possible threat to her personal security and who equally told me that she hadn't stolen anything in the store), which girl appeared to be in despair, this as she was being manhandled by the man who  appeared to be choking her by the collar of her coat, which although I saw her trying to speak, no words appeared to come out from her as anything she was saying was inaudible and actually sounded more like something garbled and not spoken.    At this time, he was forcefully pulling and pushing her all over, while jerking her by her collar at will.

I Pleaded With The Manager To Intervene
In seeing what this man was doing to this helpless woman, I tried in vain to get him to let her go, this by at first trying to reason with him, then next telling him that there was no justification to support his beating her the way he was.   I did my best to try to convince him that what he was doing, was only making the situation worst.  In response he repeated the same thing over and over again, that this woman had shoplifted from the store and deserved anything that happened to her.   After what seemed like ages, and once I realized that there was no reasoning with his man, I turned to the manager who was standing there doing absolutely nothing and pleaded with him to order the other man to leave this woman alone as he was using way too excessive force against her, which she was offering absolutely no resistance to, but in my opinion, she was simply trying to survive an impossible situation in a manner so as to avoid suffering the full blunt of this mans aggression.   I was so involved at this time, that I told the manager that there were 4 of us now (3 WalMart personnel and myself) and that if the other guy would let her go and stop beating on her, that there was no chance at her leaving the immediate area.   The managers response to my request actually scared me, this as he completely ignored what I had said to him and continued to walk around the area, he himself, giving me the impression that (a) he didn't know what to do, (b) he had no authority or couldn't exercise his authority against this other employee and (c) he too was afraid of the other employee (who I later learned was a WalMart Canada Security Guard).   

I Took One (1) of the Woman's Shopping Bags
At one point, I noticed this woman was having trouble keeping her balance and as I quickly accessed the situation, I came to the conclusion that she was having this trouble as both her hands were holding bags and she had no possible hope of defending herself against the erratic and forceful aggression that this man was subjecting her to, including choking her.   In a split second I told her, give me your bag, to which she responded by looking at me in a helpless way.   I then tried to re-assure her that I was an honest person, this by telling her that she had nothing to worry about, that I would be sure her things remained safe.   In desperation, she then motioned her hands as if she wanted me to take her bag, and I voluntarily did.  It should be noted that the bag I took from her was a WalMart shopping bag, which I later learned contained a legitimate purchase she had made prior to leaving the store.  At no time did I ever ask for or attempt to take possession of the other bag, regardless of the false testimony of the Police detective (who wasn't even there) as well as both the woman thief and the WalMart security guard.   After taking this bag from her I moved back and put it next to the payphone, but noticed a WalMart staff member motioning toward the bag in a manner that he was planning to grab it and as such, I went back to the phone booth and recovered the bag and instinctively thought that the only place this bag could be safe, was in my locked car, which was a couple of seconds away.  To ensure that her bag would be safe, I took it to my car and was going to lock it in my car, but as I was getting my keys, I heard her screaming and decided that I should go back fast.   When I ran back I noticed that the man was now raising his aggression dramatically and I dropped the bag on the ground as I tried to calm him down, which didn't seem to be working.

WalMart Employee Punches Woman In Face
At this point, and for no apparent reason, I then witnessed this same WalMart Canada employee actually  "punch" this woman (which woman I later found out was 26 weeks pregnant at the time) right in her face two (2) times, this right in plain view of the manager as well as all the other people standing there yelling at this man to stop doing what he was doing. All of a sudden, I heard a shrilling sound come from right behind me, that of a woman screaming "Hey that's no way to treat a woman, ...... I'll never come back to WalMart again as long as I live".  I turned around and saw a woman standing there in awe, who I immediately assumed also saw this man punch the woman in her face 2x.   In fact this woman gave a declaration to the police, which I later learned was written by a Police Officer who didn't write exactly what this woman wanted to be written.     In speaking with this woman after this incident, I learned that her son was traumatized for months after this incident as he was with his mom at WalMart this day and also witnessed this WalMart staff member beat this woman.

Assaulted By A Man I Did Not Know
I was still standing there (in disbelief) watching this Walmart Canada employee physically abuse this woman, when all of a sudden a man appeared and without saying a word to me, grabbed me by my arm, physically forcing me to my left.   In defense, I immediately backed up while knocking his hand from my arm and yelled at him asking him who he thought he was, that he could not aggress me like this.  Then the man smiled, while moving aside his 3/4 length leather/suede coat and pointed to what looked like a badge on his belt, this while telling me that he was a Police Officer.  

Police Officer Refuses to Identify Himself
I was very skeptical about the true identify of this man (especially since I found it hard to believe that a Police Officer would act in the manner that he did) and I then politely asked him to please Officially Identify himself, this by clearly asking him in a raised voice for his name and his badge number, to which he said that he didn't have to give me this information.  Since I am a Human Rights advocate and thus familiar with law and Police Ethics, I asked this man a second time to please identify himself, to which he repeated his earlier response, that he didn't have to give me this information.    I was amazed at this. 

Police Officer Breaches Code of Conduct
At this point it was obvious to me that this man, if he was a true police officer, had committed numerous breaches to the Quebec Code of Conduct for Police Officers, namely when he assaulted me, then when he said he was a Police Officer but refused to provide me with his name and badge number.  After he refused to even identify himself to me, I realized that I needed a witness to his actions and after looking around, I noticed the same woman who had screamed earlier standing right there and asked her if she would be so kind as to provide me with her name and number, this so that I could provide her contact info to any investigating body, this as I was putting a complaint against this officer, who obviously abused his powers in a manner which affected me negatively.  This woman then told me her name and also gave me with her phone number, which I wrote down on a piece of paper.

Montreal Police Arrive and Arrest Woman
After what seemed to be forever, I noticed a Police Car arrive at the scene, and a female and a male police officer were getting out of the car.    In seeing this and being totally disgusted with what I saw here to date, I went around the crowd of people who had formed and ran towards the female officer who was approaching the scene, and shouted at her "tell that man to leave that girl alone!", this while pointing at the WalMart staff member who had freely beaten up this woman at will, this for the last 15 minutes or so.  The female officer, obviously confused but remaining in full and complete control, yelled to her male partner to take the woman inside the store "amene la dans le magasin", which is what he did as the female officer followed him.    The plain clothes officer also followed them in the store as well as all the WalMart staff.   I must say, as I watched this female officer's conduct and ability to access and act quickly in a tense and unknown situation, I was very impressed by what I saw. Here was a woman officer, who I am sure will go very far in the Montreal Police Force, this unless she quits one day for moral reasons!

I wait to Give Declaration and am Arrested!
As I voluntarily stood outside the store for approximately 35 minutes or so, waiting for the Police to request from me a statement regarding what I saw, the plain clothes officer who I notified earlier that I was putting a complaint against, this to the Quebec Police Ethics Commissioner, came out of Walmart and went over to the Police supervisor and whispered something in his ear, which I did not hear.   The supervisor responded by saying loudly "oui, mais qui qui va etre le temoin?", to which the plain clothes officer responded "elle, elle, met sa nom, elle va etre le temoin" (pointing to a very petit and young girl that accompanied him when he initially arrived at WalMart).  At this moment, the supervisor called over 2 uniformed Police officers who he spoke to for a couple of seconds, which officers then came directly to me and advised me that they were placing me under arrest.   I yelled in shock, "what"?  They responded, we're placing you under arrest, to which I responded "for what".   They then advised me that "for armed robbery".   I then asked "What Armed Robbery?", to which they stated "you'll find out at the station".   The time was approx, 9:40PM, and they then put handcuffs on me and put me in a police car, where I was quickly driven to a Police Station not far from Cremazie Metro.

Incredible Story Created to Justify my Arrest!
The following day, March 15th 2003, I met with 2 detectives who were not listening to me at all, but simply writing on a piece of paper anything that they wanted.   When I mentioned to the woman (who was the one writing things) what the plain clothes officer did to me the night before, her hand didn't move at all!   When I questioned her about this (why she wasn't writing) she responded by telling me that "c'est pas pertinent a l'enquete" - "it's not related to this investigation"!   I realized then that these officers were also protecting the plain clothes officer and had no intention or desire to write down anything that might portray the true events of the previous night!   I was equally informed by the male Detective, that the woman arrested for shoplifting (who had apparently stolen over $850.00 of razor blades!), was now saying that I offered her $50.00 to do this!   When the detective showed me a black bag, a pair of pliers and some tape, he asked me if these items were mine, to which I responded that I never saw these things before in my life!   He then informed me that these items were seized from the woman who had been arrested for shoplifting.  I then told him that if he took the time to check the pliers for prints (as both handles of these pliers had nothing on them and were made of metal) that he would surely find the woman's prints on them, to which he responded "On va pas t'avoir avec des enpreintes, mais on va t'avoir avec le DNA!"  I was completely baffled by this statement the detective just made  "that they (the Police) would not get me with fingerprints, but that they would surely get me with DNA" and for the longest of time this statement kept on going through my head.   What was this detective referring to?  Was it possible that the Police were in the process of framing me / setting me up for some other crime that involved some form of DNA evidence?   Then the detective told me that the woman was saying that she had only gone to Wal-Mart to buy a clothes hamper, but was met outside the store by me, and that I offered her $50.00 to test the Wal-Mart security!    It was awful peculiar that this story was not told to the security guard or the police who were all present at WalMart the day she was arrested with $850.00 worth of razors in her bag.  At the time I laughed and told the detective that it was him who told her to say this, that she was not smart enough herself to think of this all alone.   I clearly recall that this detective also told me that they (the Police) had me on video speaking to this woman outside the store, which I responded by telling him that if he showed me this video, I would eat my shorts (simply because I knew for a fact that I spoke with no-one outside the store before entering).      In fact, if there was any truth to this newly made up story..., that the crime she committed was a spontaneous crime and certainly not a planned out crime, then why does the WalMart security system surveillance video cassette # A3 (which although was submitted as proof against me at the hearing of December 8th 2004, the Judge never viewed it before deciding on my fate), show this woman shoplifting with a group of at least 6 other accomplices in carrying out this crime?   Where did these accomplices come from and why did the Police ignore what they saw in this tape and frame me for these crimes!   The video itself proves with 100% certainty that this crime was perpetrated by a group of people, including the woman arrested at WalMart on March 14th 2003, who were very well organized, which persons arrived at WalMart in a prepared manner, knowingly there to commit a theft from this very store.   The manner in which this group carried out this theft (very sneaky and calculated) demonstrated that this was no beginner group of thieves.  

Advised my Arrest was an Isolated Police thing
After my arrest and (next day) eventual meeting with the 2 detectives, (man and woman), I was released from Jail with no charges laid against me, and I wasn't asked to sign a "promise to appear form", which in itself, led me to believe that I was arrested for the sole purpose of discouraging me from putting a complaint against the WalMart security agent as well as the plain clothes Police officer, who grabbed me and then refused to identify himself to me.  In fact, when I was released from the jail, I went back to WalMart to get my car and out of both curiosity and desperation, I went in to the store and saw the same manager who was working the night before and asked to speak with him.   He took me in a little room (behind the customer service desk) and when I asked him what the heak was going on, and if he could tell me why I was arrested for an armed robbery that never took place, to which he informed me that "this was a police thing, it's nothing to do with WalMart!"  I then asked him if there was an armed robbery at WalMart the day before which he stated that NO, my arrest was an isolated incident and had nothing to do with WalMart.   I then asked him why this happened, to which he responded, listen, this was a police thing ... you can come back to the store anytime you like.    You did nothing wrong and you're welcome here anytime.    What happened to you had nothing to do with WalMart.

I Am Charged / Framed by Police!
Three (3) months later, on July 12 2003, I was served at my home by a bailiff, who gave me papers advising me that I was being charged with shoplifting and conspiracy to shoplift, this in relation to the incident I mention herein.   I found this extremely odd and quite unbelievable!  I did nothing wrong at all this day, except express a desire to write an official declaration regarding how I witnessed a WalMart Canada Employee, physically abuse a pregnant woman.

Police Destroy Key Evidence in This Case
The Police equally seized from the woman an "Address Book", which a Police Officer wrote an official report about, saying that the book contained 4 pgs. of what appeared to be "ORDERS for clothing"!  It seems that the Police purposely destroyed this crucial evidence (which clearly showed that the woman in question was a well organized and experienced shoplifter, who was so advanced in her career, that she was now taking orders for clothing that people wanted her to steal for them) in an attempt to protect this woman shoplifter from looking guilty, which could support and facilitate their claims that I was the guilty person in this affair!   In addition, the Police also seized from this woman a pair of pliers and a roll of tape (which items are not regular shopping items that a normal customer brings to a store when they go shopping). These key pieces of evidence were also destroyed by the Montreal Police Department, who by doing so, effectively eliminated any possibility that the Quebec Justice System would benefit from using these objects to determine in a democratic and fair way, who really committed the crimes that were perpetrated on the day in question.  Instead, at the hearing which you are listening to, the Police Detective as well as the Prosecuting Attorney, both portray the woman as a poor victim of my actions.  This portrayal of her as a victim, directly contradicts all the evidence seized and thereafter destroyed by the Police, which evidence; clearly showed this woman was not only a professional shoplifter, but was working with a very experienced group of thieves, who to this day, are roaming free to victimize any stores they want (which should be of interest to the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada).   Who is paying the government to act in this manner and what LAWS permit them to carry out these types of actions?

Other Evidence Mysteriously Becomes Defective
On March 16th 2003, the Police went to the WalMart store and seized a total of 2 Video Cassettes in relation to this crime.   The Official Police seizure report dated March 16th 2003, even goes as far as describing what the Police saw on each of these cassettes:  (Video Cassette "A3" shows the woman trying to steal the razors / Video Cassette "14" shows the altercation between the woman and the security guard outside the store).  As a good example of Canadian Justice, even though the above mentioned cassette tapes were proof in this case, I was not being provided with them from the Montreal Prosecution Services.   In order to get these tapes, which I desperately needed to show I was completely innocent of the charges against me, I wrote letters of complaint to both the Public Security Minister of Quebec as well as the Justice Minister of Quebec.  I equally addressed the court on numerous occasions asking to be provided with the above mentioned video cassettes (which the Montreal Police had), but was informed by the Judge that he didn't have the authority to order the prosecution to give me these tapes.  When I asked for the matter to be debated right there and then the Judge informed me that the prosecution was not ready for such a debate (the judge was now speaking for the prosecution!).   Then over a year later, after having received a copy of only one of the video cassettes seized by the police (cassette # A3 - which was a WalMart security video that had filmed the woman [and her 6+ accomplices] stealing $850.00 of razors from WalMart), I received a letter dated March 19th 2004 from the Montreal Prosecution Services, advising me the that I would not be provided with a copy of the second video cassette (cassette #14 -which would have exonerated me completely of any wrongdoing in this affair, which tape equally showed (A) the WalMart staff member physically assaulting a pregnant woman, and (B) members of the Montreal Police Force committing breaches to the Quebec Police Ethics Code of Conduct, as well as possible criminal acts and (C)would have shown me arriving at WalMart and not speaking to anyone at all upon entering the store) this since the detective in the case (who brought these false charges against me) returned the Video Cassette #14 to Wal-Mart, saying it was defective.   This was rather incredible, given that only a day earlier, the Police themselves wrote a report stating what was visible on both these fully functioning video cassettes.

Woman Shoplifter only Charged 6 Mths After!
Following a meticulous investigation I carried out in the hopes of better understanding all of this, I discovered that the woman shoplifter was only charged with this crime over 6 months after the crime happened!    I find it odd that in 2004 when I went to the court one day, there were dummy papers in this woman's file!  Yet when I went back in 2005, all the paperwork was right there in the file, portraying that she had been charged a year or so earlier!   File # 103-109-328   This outrightly / directly contradicts her testimony at the hearing of December 8th 2004 (audio playing), wherein she clearly tells the judge that she has never been charged for these crimes to date .

Judge Facilitates Woman to Testify Against Me
Regardless of the fact that after being arrested for shoplifting at WalMart on March 14th 2003, the woman disappeared for close to 2 years and never attended court once, (which caused her to apparently have outstanding arrest warrants issued against her), she suddenly appeared at the Court on December 8th 2004, this following a written request by Gerard Lague (Chief Prosecutor Montreal Court House), who brought her before Justice Pierre Fontaine at 10hr27, which Judge then OFFICIALLY used his judicial powers to cancel the arrest warrants against this woman, thereby facilitating her testifying against me at my hearing, some 30 minutes later (10hr57), at which hearing Justice Pierre Fontaine would also presideIt appeared to me that the original audio recording of this hearing had only 2 people present at the hearing, namely the Judge and the Prosecutor.  Then in Late February 2005, after I started making noise about all of this, it appeared that the official audio version of this hearing on record at the Courthouse mysteriously had been altered, namely that 4 people appear to be present at this hearing now; the Judge, the Prosecutor, a lawyer from the Legal Aid Criminal division office in Montreal, Quebec and the woman who was also charged in this Police File 24-030314-009.  After having canceled the warrants, the Judge ordered this woman to come back to the court on March 22nd 2005.  It should be noted that on March 14th 2003, the date this woman was arrested for shoplifting at "WalMart, she had only weeks earlier been arrested for shoplifting in Laval, Quebec at "La Baie" (Laval, Quebec Municipal Court Case # 0080268321), and had even been awaiting a hearing in another case where she was alleged to have assaulted another woman.  Due to this as well as her apparently not having respected specific previous release conditions she had in the outstanding Laval, Quebec cases, 3 more charges were put against her by the Montreal Prosecution Services (Mtl Case # 103-109-385), which now meant that she had a total of 6 charges against her at the Montreal Municipal Court,  this stemming from her actions on March 14th 2003, namely having shoplifted $850.00 of razors at WalMart. 

Although not the original audio that existed at the Court on March 23rd 2005, a modified version of this audio file can by heard by using the media player above.   I am hoping that by posting this file to the internet, this will discourage those responsible for these ongoing modifications, to cease doing so.   How very childish, desperate and irresponsible these people are!

My December 8 2004 Hearing   #103-094-090
The Audio File of the Hearing dated December 8th 2004 can be heard by using the Media Player at the top of this page.  In my view [a regular person having little legal knowledge / experience] the hearing is full of errors of law, especially how the judge appears at times to be partial and bias in his methods, as well as how he says nothing as the prosecutor leads the witnesses into their testimony, which conduct caused me, even in absence, a serious prejudice.    I think even a reasonable person would find this hearing capricious and ridiculous in nature. For the police officer and the woman shoplifter to thereafter testify under oath (listen to the audio file on this page) that the woman was only at WalMart to buy a clothes hamper, may have been in my personal opinion, a clear and obvious attempt to obstruct justice, commit perjury and make a mockery of the Canadian Criminal Justice System.

Police Detective's Testimony
In listening to this audio file, it is interesting to hear how the detective chokes when testifying that there was no video of this theft on March 14th 2003.  In fact, there were 2 videos existing of this theft at that time, cassette A3 and cassette #14.   It was this same detective who declared a fully functioning cassette (cassette #14) as defective, and returned it to WaLMart.

This video cassette, Video #14 (which mysteriously became defective, after the detective got his hands on it) was the cassette which filmed the entire entrance / parking area of the WalMart Decarie store on the night in question - March 14th 2003.  This security video captured the comings and goings of everyone who may have entered, exited and presented themselves to Wal-Mart this night, including: (A) my arrival at Wal-Mart and how I had spoken to NO-ONE outside the store while walking from my car to the front door; (B) the woman being savagely beaten by this WalMart Canada employee (C) This Wal-Mart employee punching this pregnant woman directly in her face 2 times; (D) the plainclothes officer physically assaulting me, then pointing to a badge positioned on his pants belt, which was covered by his coat; and (E) what transpired outside the store before and during this entire incident!

Then the detective testifies that the woman's behavior on this video is not really the behavior of someone who is stealing.  When questioned by the judge about this, the detective goes the extra mile and, in my opinion, may have committed perjury when he testified that "your honor, we see Madame Perreault taking razors blades, things like that, but we also see her address a WalMart employee, ask for a cardboard box and in front of this same employee, put the razors in the box".   Nothing could be more further from the truth in his testimony.In fact, the detective's testimony is completely false and misleading.  In the video, the woman is indeed given a box by a WalMart staff member but then (in a very suspicious manner) she takes the box and her shopping cart (which contains the razors) and purposely positions herself out of sight of the security camera, where one could logically assume that she is hiding, while putting the razors in the box).    In addition, this video shows that after the WalMart employee gives the box to the woman shoplifter, the employee then turns her back on the woman shoplifter and leaves the area completely.    This alone, proves the detectives testimony about the woman putting the razors in the box in front of the WalMart employee, is FALSE TESTIMONY.  One could assume that the detective's testimony, although completely false, was given in an attempt to convince the judge that this woman had NO INTENT TO STEAL on the day in question at WalMart Decarie.

The detective also testifies that it was only after he viewed the video cassette # A3 - that he decided to press charges against me, this because after viewing the video, he became convinced of my guilt.   Again, the VHS Cassette Video tape # A3 clearly shows that this woman shoplifter was stealing $850.00 of razors with at least 6 other accomplices (which fact completely destroys her story that she only went to WalMart to buy a clothes hamper; but ended up committing an impulsive theft / stealing $850.00 of razors, this after I supposedly met her outside the store before she went in and offered her $50.00 to "test the WalMart security")

WalMart Security Guard's Testimony
Most of what the security guard says is the truth, except for the persistent importance he places on his false statement that I asked him and the woman for the bag with the stolen goods in it.   What he doesn't say is that the bag I asked the woman for - was in fact given to me by her and it was not the bag with the stolen goods inside, this as I only took one bag (WalMart shopping bag) from her so as to assist her to at the very least, have a chance to keep her balance / defend herself against this man's physical abuse.  In fact, the security guards statements about my telling people that he was trying to rape this woman is incredulous and outrageous.   Have you ever heard of anywhere in the world where a woman had been raped/sexually assaulted while standing right outside the entranceway of a busy commercial shopping center?  Of course not!  Such testimony should destroy this mans credibility with the court in it's entirety.    His testimony that I was immediately arrested and placed in a Police Officers minivan is false as I in fact, waited outside WalMart for a good 35 minutes (with other people also) after the woman was arrested and brought into the store, this as I was waiting to give an official statement to the police about what I saw.  

Woman Shoplifter's Testimony
Needless to say, almost all the testimony of the woman at my hearing was false testimony.   What eludes me is why she would say such things, knowing that they are false?  The few things she does slip and end up saying to the court, even though they seem nonsensical, are bits and pieces of the truth coming out naturally, this as she makes a serious attempt to follow along with the prosecutor's leads, saying for the most part, what he needs her to say.   What's interesting here is how often she contradicts her own testimony, in the end "swearing to" anything the prosecutor - judge suggests / says.  At least she admits to the court that she shoplifted on March 14th 2003, but then blames it all on me.    IN ADDITION, LISTEN TO WHAT SHE SAYS WHEN ASKED IF SHE WAS EVER OFFICIALLY CHARGED WITH HAVING COMMITTED THE CRIMES ON MARCH 14th?


Advised That I Had Been Found Guilty
On February 21st 2005, I had attended court regarding an alleged driving infraction, when I impulsively decided to put my name on the court role, this to explain what had happened to me on December 8th 2003 and why I couldn't attend court.    When I went before Judge Fontaine, he advised me that he had found me guilty ex parte, and ordered that I return to court on March 29th 2005, this to be sentenced!   I was astounded and told him I would fight this to the highest possible authority of Canada.

On March 22nd 2005, the woman shoplifter had a hearing date at the Montreal Municipal Court, where she was supposed to face justice, this in relation to 6 criminal charges, the results of her actions at WalMart on March 14th 2003, including 3 extra charges she incurred for not having respected conditions of release imposed prior to her having been arrested at WalMart.   Instead of her having to face justice for these 6 crimes (charges), a decision was taken by the Chief Prosecutor, Gerard Lague of the Montreal Court Services (the same man who appeared to have put words in this woman's mouth on December 8th 2004, when she was at court testifying against me) who decided to drop all charges against this woman, effectively ending any possibility that she ever face justice for (a) the crimes she committed at WalMart on March 14th 2003 and (b) the 3 additional crimes she was charged with, the result of her apparent non respect for previous conditions of release.   The lesson was clear.  There are some people in Canada who are above the LAW.   All you have to do is know the right people.  In other democratic parts of the world, this could clearly be seen as  "obstructing justice"!   Was this act a pre-planned act (were there plans all along to protect this woman from any form of criminal prosecution, a reward to her for having cooperated with provincial government agencies, this in their desire and will to falsely accuse me of crimes I did not do?   If so, who were involved in this) or was the decision to drop all charges against her a spontaneous one?   I just can't believe that people in authority would permit this situation to continue on as it is. What a humongous waste of taxpayers money as well as a shameful abuse of precious government resources.   

Attend Court For My Sentencing
On March 29th 2005 I was scheduled to attend Court, this to be sentenced for crimes I simply did not do.   Since I knew in my heart I was innocent, I began to panic about the possibility that I might end up being jailed again for something I did not do, and as such contacted Global TV network in Montreal, Quebec, who took an immediate interest in this situation and thereafter agreed to meet me at the Courthouse, this to interview me regarding this situation, namely how and why I ended up being charged in the first place, as well as how things could have continued on to the point where they were.    Global TV took an acute interest in certain abnormalities that were present in this case, one being the specific administration of justice leading to my scheduled sentencing.

When my mother and I arrived at the Courthouse, Global TV was waiting and began filming and interviewing me as I was preparing to go before the judge. The Court suddenly emptied out and after the Global TV reporter, cameraman and I waited for over an hour and a half, to be seen by the judge, I was told by the court authorities that there were sudden complications and because of this, my sentencing hearing would be put off till May 16th 2005.    I briefly went before Judge Fontaine and expressed my deepest regrets that this whole situation was permitted to go as far as it had.   I told him that I never expected things to get so crazy, but that he should have NO DOUBT as to my non involvement in these crimes, and I reminded him again, that I am 100% innocent of all charges put against me.   He then ordered me to return to Court on May 16th 2005 (the day before my birthday) where he would dispose of the matter accordingly.

Quebec Legal Aid Commission
In Quebec, as well as like other provinces in Canada, there exists a specific government body whose mandate is to assist those who are not financially capable of paying for legal representation on their own.   In fact, this agency was setup to ensure, that those who are less financially secure than others, have equal access to an attorney and equal protection of the law, as those who could otherwise pay for such basic needs.  This basic protection offered by the government, to those who would/might otherwise be charged, convicted and sentenced for crimes they did not do, is especially necessary in circumstances where the accused person could face a possible deprivation of their Charter Rights as the result of an allegation (justified or unjustified).

Regardless of the fact that I have applied for legal aid, and this almost the instant I found out about my having been found guilty of these crimes even though I was not in court at the time of the hearing, I have still not yet received news from Legal Aid that they will grant me a legal aid mandate, this so that I can effectively appeal these wrongful convictions.  In casually speaking with an attorney I accidentally bumped into the other day at the Montreal Court House (who I pleaded with to provide me with some type of unofficial guidance), I was told that all this time that I am forced to wait for a decision from Legal Aid, is actually working against me as the court will not accept this excuse (waiting for a Legal Aid Mandate) as to why it has taken so long to submit an appeal.

A couple of days ago I spoke with an appeal lawyer from the Legal Aid Commission - Criminal Appeal Division - in Montreal, Quebec, who literally scolded me for having contacted the media about this whole affair (he was extremely irate about this), he actually informed me that 2 official, very detailed medical letters I provided to him from my Doctor were not acceptable to him (which letters were written by my Doctor for the purpose of explaining to the court, in medical terms, (a) why I was not present at my hearing on December 8th 2004, as well as (b) the delay on my part in addressing the issue).   He more or less said that because I now seemed to have allot of energy in contacting the media about all this, he didn't believe the professional opinion of my Doctor, which stated in part that this whole affair was causing me to approach a complete mental paralysis due to the psychological effects this whole thing is having on me.   He basically told me that because I had the energy to contact the media, it was impossible that I could be sick from all of this!   In addition, he also informed me that in his opinion, my hearing of December 8th 2004 is "toute croche" - [a big mess].   When I asked him if he had seen the video A3 (exhibit 3 at my hearing) he told me that he had not seen it yet!   He then said to me "I don't think that particular video shows anything".   In my opinion, he was indirectly threatening NOT TO PROVIDE ME WITH A LEGAL AID MANDATE - IF I CONTINUED TO TALK WITH THE MEDIA - EXPOSE THIS WHOLE THING

The things I have related to date herein are by far nothing in comparison with the strange, bizarre and unbelievable things that have transpired in this case since February 21st 2005, the day I became aware that I had been declared guilty in absence (on December 8th 2004) of these false allegations.  In fact, the possibility exists that Official Canadian Provincial Justice Court Audio Transcripts may have been altered / doctored to make an audio trail of hearings as well as fragments of hearings that which either never happened or transpired in a different manner than the court audio today reflects; including the possibility that Official Police reports may also have been altered / changed, this I feel to accommodate the STATE in NOT BEING 100% responsible for what has transpired.   In retrospect, I can only say that these things would be extremely hard if not impossible for anyone to do other than an extremely well organized Federally Financed group of persons.   In fact, not long after I had been found guilty of these crimes, members of my family had their houses broken into here in Montreal (which I feel was done in an attempt to re-assure those responsible for what has transpired, that NO PROOF EXISTS to prove what I express herein).   Rest assured, in due time, the whole truth of this scenario will in fact be known to all concerned.

On May 16th 2005,  I will be present at the Montreal, Quebec, Canada "Court House" at 775 rue Gosford, [Champ De Mars Metro], where I will be sentenced for crimes I did not commit.    I am 100% innocent of this!    How can Canada pretend to have an effective judicial system, when things like this go on ?   

Extra NEWS:   When this originally happened, it was suggested to me that I should submit a formal complaint to the Quebec Police Ethics Commissioner.   I actually went there and met with a man who was a police officer himself.
After speaking with this man I decided not to go this avenue. If you want to know why ... click on the MIRROR link below.  

This site will be updated daily, this as I remember things, find more written notes I took at the time and generally update recent information relating to this catastrophe.   The purpose of this page is to seek assistance, which I need desperately, as well as upgrade this page till everything is exposed, NAMELY the truth and nothing but the truth about all the events surrounding this Canadian Shame! 

Unfortunately, this may take some time as this whole affair has had very serious affects on my psyche and at times, I am rendered psychologically paralyzed due to having this done to me by the very authorities we as a society grow up to trust!  


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In 1961 I was born here, a proud Canadian, Quebec Citizen.  

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